Dusk: Video – Redruth – The Standstill

Connie Crosby reads The Standstill, by Roselle Angwin

for DUSK at Redruth

BSL interpreted by Debbie Harvey

The unpublished poems and stories from these events are in the forthcoming anthology Dusk. (This one is previously published, so make the most of the video!)

You can buy the book, and the ebook only from us now! Not in shops until June 21st

Dusk Poet: Roselle Angwin

Roselle Angwin is a Westcountry poet, author and workshop facilitator whose programme of courses under Fire in the Head and the more recent The Wild Ways have been popular for 27 years now. As a poet, she has undertaken many residencies, and has been the recipient of Arts Council England support. Her poetry and prose is widely published and has won several awards and prizes.

Roselle frequently collaborates with artists, musicians, dancers and sculptors, often on the land. Her poetry has been displayed on buses and cathedral websites, has appeared in numerous anthologies, been etched into glass, hung from trees, printed on T-shirts, carved into or painted onto stone, metal and wood, become pennants behind bicycles, painted, sung, composed to, choreographed, recorded, broadcast, danced, performed – and eaten by sheep.

Roselle’s poem for Dusk, The Standstill, will be performed at Redruth on 21st December 2017