Elinor Brooks

Elinor BrooksElinor Brooks grew up in Edinburgh and now lives in Wiltshire where she teaches English and Creative Writing in a college of Further Education. Her poems have been shortlisted in competitions (including Battered Moons) and have appeared in magazines and anthologies, on the Big Screen, on fridge magnets and even on an adshel. As an active member of Swindon’s BlueGate Poets, Elinor has enjoyed being involved in collaborative projects with artists, actors and musicians. When not writing, she can be found in the pub playing the Oriental strategy board game Go.

Elinor’s poems have been published most recently in The Listening Walk (Bath Poetry Café Anthology) and online at And Other Poems ed Josephine Corcoran.

Elinor has poems in The Other Side of SleepLiberty Tales, Noon,Time and Tide, and Tymes goe by Turnes

Tymes goe by Turnes preorders available now Solstice Shorts Festival will be on line this year 21st December 2020 8pm GMT tickets suggested donation £5. Combo deals on book and tickets available


Elinor is one of six poets featured in Vindication


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