DUSK: Solstice Shorts 2017

Originating in Greenwich, on the Prime Meridian, and now in its 4th year, Solstice Shorts is  going nationwide.

The theme this year is Dusk, that time between day and night when everything changes.

On 21st December Dusk starts in the UK in the far NE (Shetland) at 16:53 and finishes in the far South West (Cornwall) at 18:21, taking between 40 and 50 minutes depending where you are.

We will have multiple sites across the UK all reading/singing different material (chosen by us, read by actors/ sung by musicians) in twelve locations, starting In Aberdeen and ending In Redruth, taking in key spots in between.

The performances will match the timing of(Astronomical) Dusk exactly, with a live link up (Facebook, Youtube…) – so that Redruth won’t start reading until Aberdeen had almost finished and all the other performances will overlap, so that somewhere in the ether we are all reading/singing together, like a murmuration of starlings.

We’ve had much discussion about what I mean by Dusk – I’m going with astronomical dusk (as in to do with stars, not enormous!) which is the last ‘official’ segment, when the sun is down, but there’s still a lingering light in the sky, through to out and out night. Useful website here for those of you who are interested:

This is mainly a practical thing – if we started earlier the chances of an audience on a Thursday afternoon become vanishingly slim.

The stories and poems will mainly be new and unpublished, although we may accept published for performance only, and the music either traditional or original. That 40-50 minutes suggests there will be only 2 of each at each location.

Longlisted Stories

As you can imagine this is quite a tricky idea to pull off, and will be expensive. We have applied to the Arts Council for most of the money and been made an offer but we still need more match funding.

We have definite (subject to funding) organisers and venues in Ellon (near Aberdeen) (Intuitive Music Aberdeen), Inverness (Inverness Playwrights at Eden Court), Carlisle (Carlisle Patchwork Opera), Lancaster (North West Literary Salon), Angelsey (Cybi Poets),  Rossendale (The Whitaker), Birmingham (Unbroken Cocoon), Nottingham (Nottingham Writers’ Studio), Greenwich (That would be us), Bristol (Bare Bones Collective), Warkleigh (near Barnstaple) (Courage Copse Creatives) Redruth (Kernow Education Arts Partnership)

Funding confirmed from Feast for the Redruth leg of the programme!

site start finish minutes
Ellon 1707 1755 48
Inverness 1715 1802 47
Greenwich 1716 1757 41
Nottingham 1717 1759 42
Carlisle 1718 1802 44
Rossendale 1719 1802 43
Lancaster 1720 1803 43
Birmingham 1721 1803 42
Bristol 1727 1807 40
Anglesey (Holyhead) 1730 1812 42
Warkleigh 1733 1814 41
Redruth 1740 1820 40


current DUSK map copy