Cover Artists

Our covers are very important to us. We like to use original art by artists and designers whose work we admire. Find out more about the people who provide the art for our covers on this page.

Tom Charlesworth 

cover artist for The Knotsman, and How to be a Tarot Card (or a Teenager)

The Knotsman

How to Be a Tarot Card

Nina Thomas Cover Artist What Meets the Eye?

Komal Madar Cover artist Where We Find Ourselves, Words from the Brink

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Rachel Marsh (Semple Press), Cover Artist, A Voice Coming From Then

Fiona Humphrey, Cover Artist, Mamiaith, 100neHundred, A Pocketful of Chalk

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Kevin Threlfall Cover Artist, Weird Lies, With Paper for Feet, In Retail, Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed, Departures, Tymes Goe By Turnes, Accidental Flowers, Strange Waters

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Camille Smithwick, cover artist Incorcisms

Klara Smith cover artist Zed and the Cormorants

and Paper Crusade Winner of the Kitschies Inky Tentacle for cover art

Out Now

Phil Barnett cover artist for In the Blood and (with Cherry Potts) his own poetry collection, Birds Knit my Ribs Together

Karen Keogh, Cover Artist, London Lies and Foraging

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Gail Brodholt, Cover Artist, Stations

Annie Rickard Straus, Cover Artist, Lovers’ Lies




Melina Traub, Cover Artist, Mosaic of Air




Ed Boxall, Cover Artist, Devilskein & Dearlove and Illustrator, The Old Woman From Friuli

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Zoë Ann Lee, Cover Artist, The Other Side of Sleep






Lucy Reynolds (background) / Cherry Potts (Foreground)

The Dowry Blade




Kam Rehal  designed the cover and internal layout forStory Cities and the cover for Byways











Byways Cover design by Kam Rehal

Gordy Wright Cover Artist, YA series, The Naming of Brook Storyteller – Brat, Spellbinder & Wolftalker and A Gift of Rivers

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Paul Summers, cover artist This Poem Here








Cherry Potts designs most of Arachne Press’ publicity materials and website and logos, and dabbles in book covers when the need arises.

Noon, Dusk, Shortest Day-Longest Night, Time and Tide, Solstice Shorts, An Outbreak of Peace, Liberty Tales, Five by Five, We/She, Vindication, The Don’t Touch Garden

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Cherry Potts & Emma Lee collaborating on The Significance of a Dress

Emma’s needlepoint image of a wedding dress inspired Cherry to embrider the title…


Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier cover artist, No Spider Harmed in the Making of this Book

Kate Charlesworth designed the cover for Menopause the Anthology








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