Catriona Yule

Catriona Yule lives with her writer-husband, Richie Brown, and their two cats, Frank and Tilly. They all enjoy jazz music though Frank has a penchant for James Yorkston. She enjoys working with other writers and artists and has collaborated with Intuitive Music Aberdeen, The Blue Salt Collective, ceramicist Anne Murray and composer Jo Stollery. She has two poetry collections: Shedding Skin (2007) and Night Train (2012). She is currently working on her first novel. Other poetry published in Northwords Now, Open Mouse, Southlight 23, Pushing Out the Boat, St Magnus International Festival Brochure and Orkney Writers anthology, From There to Here. Most recently featured in National Theatre of Scotland’s community production Granite and Flourish, Elaine Reid’s poetry and art exhibition, at The Barn in Aberdeenshire.

Catriona’s poem Pocket Watch will be performed at Noon at Aberdeen on 21st December 2018 and published in the Noon anthology on 21st March 2019