Inclusive Publishing


Arachne Press want to be inclusive in the way we publish, and we welcome writers from all walks of life. We have a particular affinity for disabled writers and writers from the LGBT community, because that’s who we are; and we are actively seeking writers from other marginalised communities to share their work with us. To do this we have appointed guest editors to be our ambassadors and to create a range of anthologies.

Our current (2021) calls are for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers, Welsh Writers (In English and Welsh) and writers from the Black Asian, and other ethnic minority communities, including travellers. (Various deadlines in April 2021, explore more here)

We have plans for more targeted anthologies, and we always have at least one themed anthology which is open to anyone each year, usually as part of our Solstice Shorts Festival. Our strategy is to provide opportunities for writers to show us their skills and their personalities in our anthologies. Anyone we publish like this, who particularly impresses us, may subsequently be invited to submit a longer work for consideration.


For our readers, we are finding ways to make our work accessible. All our books are printed in a minimum 12pt Garamond for ease of reading, and our website uses the simplest format we can find to minimise the amount of code a screen reader has to cope with. Our white on black design maximises contrast without compromising the look too much. Our newsletter also uses very simple templates and is available in text only versions.

We interpret/translate into BSL when we can afford to (we need grant support for this) and our forthcoming titles, at least for 2021, will be available as audio books.