Short Stories

Short Stories

London Lies Cover. Image copyright Karen KeoghStations Cover. Image copyright Gail Brodholt

London Lies                                                                                             Stations

Sept 2012                                                                                                Nov 2012

loversliesFINALcover front onlyCPotts_MosaicofAir front

Lovers’ Lies                                                                                 Mosaic of Air

Jan 2013                                                                                      Sept 2013

Kevin Threlfall-Weird Lies cover designs 3 v3 front onlySolstice shortsFRONT cover draft copy

Weird Lies Sep 2013                                           Solstice Shorts Jan 2015

Cotton Augustus II.1069781909208292

Liberty Tales Nov 2016                            Shortest Day, Longest Night Dec 2016

Happy Ending Not Guaranteed Liam Hogan Apr 2017                  Dusk: Jun 2018



Five by Five July 2018                                             We/She August 2018


An Outbreak of Peace Nov 2018                                Noon Mar 2019

departed v2

Story Cities Jun 2019                                            Departures Nov 2019

9781909208841Time and Tide Mar 2020  Spider-Cover A1No Spider Harmed in the Making of this Book  Aug 2020