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Jeremy Dixon is a poet and maker of Artist’s Books. He was born in Essex and moved to the Vale of Glamorgan as a teenager, living there for over 45 years. His poetry has appeared in Butcher’s Dog, Found Poetry Review, HIV Here & Now, Impossible Archetype, Lighthouse Journal, Anti-Heroin Chic, Roundyhouse and other print and online magazines. He has been published several times by Arachne Press, including his debut pamphlet IN RETAIL (2019) and in the recent bilingual Welsh/English anthology, A470: Poems for the Road/Cerddi’r Ffordd (2022). We published Jeremy’s first full collection, A Voice Coming From Then in August 2021 and it WON the poetry category for Wales Book of the Year English Language Poetry





For more information please visit, or follow him on Twitter; @HazardPressUK






Jeremy is the co-editor and a contributor to Joy//Us: Poems of Queer Joy.

Jeremy’s poetry pamphlet In Retail  was published by us in 2019.

Jeremy’s has poems in The Other Side of SleepLiberty Tales, Dusk. and A470, Poems for the Road, Cerddi’r Ffordd

(scroll down a bit to find it!)

Jeremy is a great supporter of Arachne, providing workshops and hand made books for our crowdfunds.

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