Solstice Shorts

A celebration of National Short Story Day, of the Winter Solstice (Shortest day of the year, 21st December), and of the narrative power of folk music; bringing together story, poetry and song on the theme of Time, on the Greenwich Meridian – where better? (and now across the UK and into Europe!)

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2022 we took a break and produced a Best Of eBook, Hiatus






2021 Solstice Shorts Festival: Words from the Brink

also available as an audiobook narrated by Sophie Aldred and Cal-I Jonel





2020 Solstice Shorts Festival: Tymes goe by Turnes (recordings of the on line festival)

part 1, part 2, part 3 part 4


2019 Solstice Shorts Festival: Time and Tide

2018  Solstice Shorts Festival: NOON: a flash of inspiration




DUSK starlings logo copy2017 DUSK, a wave of words across the UK…

2016 Solstice Shorts Festival:Shortest Day

2016 Summer Solstice:Midsummer’s Night in the Garden

2015’s Solstice Shorts Festival: Longest Night

 2014’s sunrise to sunset festival

There are nine books now: Solstice Shorts, Shortest Day Longest Night, Dusk, Noon, Time & Tide, Tymes goe by Turnes,  Words from the Brink and Hiatus

buy any of them from our webshop/ ebook shop

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  35. Although I am a Londoner born and bred, I haven’t been to Greenwich since I was a child. My great aunt lived in Lewisham and she and my nan used to take me to Greenwich regularly. I live in Norfolk now and only occasionally manage to get down to visit my daughter in Clapham. I would love to attend Solstice Shorts but can’t afford the train fare at the moment. Will you be posting photos and videos of the event?

    • Hi Kim
      yes we will be videoing and recording the whole thing – rather relying on the audience to photograph as I can’t manage photos video and hosting all in one go! Expect videos up on youtube in January some time.
      best wishes

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