Solstice Shorts: 16 stories about Time

Solstice shortsFRONT cover draft copySolstice Shorts: 16 Stories About Time Edited by Alison Moore, Anita Sethi, Cherry Potts, Imogen Robertson and Robert Shearman.

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Print: 978-1-909208-23-0 £9.99
ePub: 978-1-909208-24-7
Mobi/Kindle: 978-1-909208-25-4

These stories are the fruit of the inaugural Solstice Shorts Festival Short Story Competition, held from September to the end of October 2014, and read live on the Greenwich Meridian, on the shortest day of the year, from sunrise to sunset. Stories from each of the judges, plus twelve stories from the competition winners.

Broken hearts, lives lived on fastforward, missed chances, and catastrophic meetings on  the road.
Time stolen, time wasted, time captured and time lost. A warning from the past, a
second that changes a life, a failed glimpse into the future and a study of funeral rites.
Ready-made families, weekly liaisons, and an all-night radio show.
Sixteen short stories that chart the meaning of time, and explore what it can do to us, and for us.
Alison Moore (Judge)
Andrew Gepp
Anita Sethi (Judge)
Cindy George (Winner)
David Mathews (winner)
David Turnbull
Dizz Tate (Winner)
Emma Timpany
Helen Morris (Winner)
Imogen Robertson (Judge)
Jayne Pickering
Pippa Gladhill (winner)
Robert Shearman (Judge)
Sarah Evans
Tannith Perry
William Davidson (Winner)

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