Ksenia Balabina

Ksenia Balabina has a short story, Circus of Change, in What Meets the Eye? The Deaf Perspective.

Ksenia Balabina who was born in St. Petersburg and grew up in Stockholm, demonstrated her artistic talents from a very early age, and she has never stopped striving to express her passion for creativity. In 2001 she moved to London, where she studied theatre and the arts, at the University of Reading. Since graduating, she has worked as a British Sign Language tutor, and also as an actress, a poet, a translator and a musician. Also she was working as a project consultant for the Signs and Voices comic book series. Ksenia brings an innate sense of rhythm and compositional elements to every poem she writes. She believes that poetry can provide a visual perspective on the world, and she uses verse in combination with sign language to inspire deaf people as well as hearing people. When she is not writing poetry, she composes lyrics for music, teaches hearing people how to communicate with sign language, and engages in a wide range of creative and socially aware pursuits.