Spellbinder: Book Two of The Naming of Brook Storyteller

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Spellbinder: Book Two of The Naming of Brook Storyteller

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by Ghillian Potts
ISBN: 978-1-909208-46-9
192 pages
7th December 2017

Brook, known as Brat to her friends, is now called Spellbinder, and is working as Remembrancer to her friend Graycat, now the Young Overlord Lady Quicksilver.

Spellbinder is captured by the Westron Overlord, Arrow, and forced to summon the Elder Dragons, something that every Storyteller knows is both wrong and dangerous.

When she cannot control the dragons, she must break her Storyteller vow to save Storyteller children held hostage, and forfeit her most precious possession – her name.

Book One Brat published June 6th 2017

Book Three Wolftalker due out 6th June 2018