Stations Cover. Image copyright Gail Brodholt

November 2012

ISBN: 978-1-909208-01-8

Stations: Short Stories Inspired by the Overground Line

Paperback 198x129mm 192 pages

RRP £10.99 now £5 if you buy direct via our Web Shop


Mobi/Kindle ISBN: 9781909208070

ePub ISBN: 9781909208063

Londoneer Review  ‘Stations’ is certainly an eclectic group of stories, but I enjoyed every one – well-written and engaging stuff. I imagine that it would be ideal for dipping in and out of while you’re passing the time between Kensal Rise and Clapham Junction…

Londonist review There’s a surprising amount of emotional depth … much of it bittersweet and yearning, particularly the further down the line we go. Sadness shot through with flashes of beauty: perhaps that’s a perfect metaphor for south east London … We’ll never look at Penge West the same way again.

Sabotage Review

…Carol[ine] Hardman’s ‘Bloody Marys and a bowl of Pho’ (Hoxton) is a modern-day, urban take on the vampire narratives so current at the moment. It is well-written and funny. ‘Platform Zero’ (Haggerston) by Michael Zimmer [Trimmer] also offers a quirky version of another, familiar theme – that of the parallel universe. ‘The Beetle’ by Ellie Stewart (Wapping) is also well-paced and moving in its portrayal of a broken relationship. Peter Morgan’s ‘Mr Forest Hill Station’ (Forest Hill) also stands out due to its tender depiction of the bond between strangers, meeting occasionally in the big city.

Twenty-four new short stories in homage to the East and South London section of the Overground Line: a story for every station from New Cross, Crystal Palace and West Croydon at the Southern extremes of the line, all the way to Highbury & Islington.

From tigers in a South London suburb to retired Victorian police inspectors investigating train based thefts, from collectors of poets at Shadwell to life-changing decisions in Canonbury, by way of an art installation that defies the boundaries of a gallery,
Stations takes a sideways look through the windows of the Overground train, at life as it is,
or might be, lived beside the rails: quirky, humorous and sometimes horrifying.

Ideal for the commuting reader, Stations would make an excellent souvenir of a visit to London and a perfect gift for lovers of London everywhere.

Adrian Gantlope
Andrew Blackman
Anna Fodorova
Bartle Sawbridge
Caroline Hardman
Cherry Potts
David Bausor
Ellie Stewart
Jacqueline Downs
Joan Taylor-Rowan
Katy Darby
Louise Swingler
Max Hawker
Michael Trimmer
Paula Read
Peter Cooper
Peter Morgan
Rob Walton
Rosalind Stopps
Wendy Gill

© Arachne Press 2012

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