Story Cities

Story Cities: Flash Fictions
13th June 2019
Ed. Ram Kehal, Rosamund Davies and Cherry Potts
ISBN: 978-1-909208-78-0
112 pages

Story Cities
explore ways in which stories respond to, reflect and re-imagine the city.

Explore new short fictions in multiple genres that address the city. A guide book to the fictional city, all cities, any city: its markets, squares, cafés, hotels, parks, stations and ports; the main streets, side streets, back alleys, dead ends and the crossroads. Never identified, the city has a voice of its own.

Includes work from writers in Australia, Eire, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, USA, and right across the UK.

Annabel Banks
Melaina Barnes
Laura Besley
Maja Bodenstein
Jayne Buxton
Sarah-Clare Conlon
Rosamund Davies
Roland Denning
Liam Hogan
Cath Holland
Belinda Huang
Catherine Jones
Aisling Keogh
Jess Kilby
Jasmin Kirkbride
Stuart Larner
Wes Lee
Emma Lee
Cathy Lennon
Ash Lim
C.A. Limina
Máire Malone
David Mathews
Nicholas McGaughey
Rachael McGill
Dave Murray
Pedro Basso Neves
Alexandra Penland
Cherry Potts
Matthew Pountney
Arna Radovich
Kam Rehal
Jane Roberts
Reshma Ruia
Jesse Sensibar
Shamini Sriskandarajah
Miriam Sorrentino
Stuart Larner
Patty Tomsky
Evleen Towey
Nic Vine
Rob Walton
Steven Wingate