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Menopause: The Anthology launch events

04/10/2023 1-2pm Pre-publication online event hosted by the Open University Fun Palace featuring Anne Caldwell, Cheryl Powell, Chloe Balcomb, Claire Booker, Clare Starling, Em Gray, Ginger Strivelli, Jane Burn, Jane McLaughlin, JP Seabright, Karen F Pierce, Tessa Lang. Free tickets

Saturday 14/10/2023 5.30  BRxTN Village Studios 404-406 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LF(1st Floor) hosted by Roundtable Books BOOK YOUR TICKETS £5

Anne Eccleshall, Catherine Pestano, Claire Booker, Kavita A Jindal, Kim Whysall-Hammond, Mary Mulholland, JP Seabright, Tessa Lang


Tuesday 17/10/2023 in person launch event
Common Press 118 Bethnal Green Road London E2 6DG with
Catherine Pestano, Cherry Potts, Clare Starling, Jane McLaughlin, JP Seabright, Kim Whysall-Hammond, Lucy Lasasso, Mary Mulholland
time and other details to follow

World Menopause Day Wednesday 18/10/2023 7pm ONLINE launch with Adele Evershed, Catherine Pestano, Cherry Potts, Cheryl Powell, Chloe Balcomb, Claire Lynn, Em Gray, Jane Ayres, Julie-ann Rowell, Karen F Pierce, Ruth Higgins, Sian Northey (possibly others!) Tickets free/donation

Wednesday 25/10/2023 8pm Juno Books, 24 Chapel Walk, Sheffield, S1 2PD
with Anne Caldwell, Cherry Potts, Catherine Pestano, Ruth Higgins tickets £4/concessions free

other dates to be confirmed, we hope Brighton and Liverpool, possibly elsewhere.


Tuesday 14th November Online Launch for Getting by in Tligolian, a speculative time travelling novella by Roppotucha Greenberg



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