Five by Five




Five by Five
editor Cherry Potts
19th July 2018
Print 978-1-909208-61-2
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As part of our celebrations of the centenary of some British Women getting the vote, a showcase for five authors Arachne Press has published previously in anthologies, giving a wider perspective on their writing with five stories each. The collection as a whole has a tendency towards fantasy and magical realism, with unforgiving reality tempered with warmth in Guatemala in Cassandra Passarelli’s (Liberty Tales)  stories of overweight truckers, pregnant teenagers, pilgrimages, stolen children and stolen toys.

Cassandra’s mother-in-law runs a library for children which Cassandra helped set up in San Antonio Aguas Calientes, which is 4km from the eruption. Three of Cassandra’s five stories are set in this village.

If you want to help the people affected by the eruption you can give money via this go fund me link to verified agencies.

Katy Darby’s (London Lies, Stations, Shortest Day, Longest Night) SF and historical stories – future where hygiene is everything, an historical murder, a spectacularly disturbing bedtime story, an inconvenient ‘miracle’ and an illicit meeting.

Joan Taylor-Rowan’s (London Lies, Lover’s Lies, Stations) acid humour and modern desperation as characters make new lives ‘Down From London’, or as stowaways in a central London Department store.

Sarah James’ (Longest Day, Shortest Night; Vindication) elliptical poet’s sensibility of Elegant twists and restraint brought to flash fiction.

Helen Morris’ (Liberty Tales, Solstice Shorts) ability to get to the heart of a story, with wide-ranging emotional rollercoasters
of  trolls outwitted, drunken boat trips, world domination and the heart ripped out of a family to make you laugh out loud or weep inconsolably.

Each of these writers has featured in Arachne Press anthologies. We liked their work so much we asked them to send more. This is the result.


19th July at 7.30 we are launching Five by Five

with four of the five authors (Joan Taylor-Rowan, Katy Darby, Cassandra Passarelli  and Helen Morris), at
Out of the Brew 306 New Cross Road, London SE14 6AF
in the garden if fine… there are rumours of themed cocktails.
books for sale, authors to sign them
Everyone welcome RSVP