Jacqueline Downs

Jacqueline Downs is a writer and editor who lives in Crystal Palace (not the actual palace, though). Her short stories have been published by Smokebox, Ether Books and Liars’ League, and in Smoke: A London Peculiar, and her work has been read at many events, including Liars’ League, Storytails, White Rabbit’s Are You Sitting Comfortably?, Story Studio and Stand-up Tragedy. She is a regular contributor to the women’s literary website For Books’ Sake, tells true stories of debauchery and misery at Spark London, and was a finalist in the Bad Language national flash fiction competition in May 2012. Most recently, she has a story published in From The Slopes of Olympus to the Banks of the Lea, the first book published by Smoke: A London Peculiar. She also mixes a mean Old-fashioned.

Jacqueline’s Blog

Jacqueline’s story for Stations, She Didn’t Believe in Ghosts, is set in Crystal Palace, and a surprising amount of the historical detail is true.  She describes her story as

A lonely woman tries to solve the mystery of some missing men and ends up losing herself.

Jacqueline Downs

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