Neil Lawrence


Neil Lawrence grew up in Liverpool then moved to London where he taught Wellbeing Education in secondary schools for 25 years. He is now a Life coach and Organisational Consultant. Keenly creative, he is a musician who has performed on the acoustic circuit as well as being an impassioned writer. He is currently redrafting a collection of short stories, Absurdity of Truth: 11 Tales of The Fantastic and The Mundane as well as pondering the wisdom of writing a detective novel. He is a member of the writing group WOOA and lives with his partner in South East London.

Neil’s story  for Time and Time, Solstice Shorts Festival 2019, Diaspora, was performed at Greenwich, Hastings and Lisbon, and published in the Time and Tide anthology.

Neil’s story  for Solstice Shorts Festival 2020, Return, was performed online on 21st December 2020, and has been published in the Tymes goe by Turnes anthology.