Rosalind Stopps

Rosalind StoppsRosalind Stopps has spent much of her life working with children with disabilities.  She has always written stories, both long and short, and has had many of them read at Liars League in London, New York, Hong Kong and Leeds.  Several stories have been published in Arachne anthologies.

Rosalind now works as a host at the Southbank and has just been signed by a leading agent for her latest novel.

Rosalind’s story for We/She is Destiny’s Children.

Rosalind’s story for Dusk, One Two Three, One Two Three was read at Rossendale and Lancaster and she describes it as a story of keeping time, even as the light fades.

Rosalind’s story for London Lies, The Suitcase was originally read at Liars’ League in April 2009 as part of the Bridge & Tunnel evening.

She has two stories in Stations: How to Grow Old in Brockley is set in Brockley and pays homage to that classic tale of Love and Trains: Brief Encounter.

how to grow old in brockley snippet

Recipes for a Successful Working Life is set at Norwood Junction and is a tale of work-place bullying and pizza ovens.

and two stories in Lovers’ Lies, How to Survive the Olympics with a Broken Heart, and Monsieur Fromage.

Rosalind Brockley

Her story, Deliver Me was read at The Solstice Shorts Festival 2016: Shortest Day and is in the Shortest Day, Longest Night Anthology.

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