A Pocketful of Chalk by Claire Booker

A Pocketful of Chalk
by Claire Booker
print 978-1-913665-69-2; ebook 978-1-913665-70-8
28th July 2022

The South Downs lie at the heart of this collection – the sunsets and huge skies, cliffs and fossils, fishing vessels and windmills, people and sheep. Past, present and future collide within geological and emotional landscapes. Life erupts magically out of plum trees.  Love is as friable as chalk, and as deeply underpinned. A lost father is redeemed through the gift of a chocolate rabbit, a loved one returns in the shape of a trombone.  Mothers, both human and animal, prove their strength. A Pocketful of Chalk bursts with myth and metaphor, energy and originality. The giant of Wilmington leaves his hillside in an apocalyptic vision of global warming.  Herons and Ospreys take flight, and a boy releases monsters from the sea shore. A cow really does jump over the moon.

Claire Booker offers moving and memorable poetry from an iconic corner of England.

We are launching A Pocketful of Chalk with three events:
Keats House on 28th July 7pm, Free Tickets
Seven Sisters Country Park between Eastbourne and Brighton on the 30th July (including an optional short walk) 14:30 Free Tickets
and online on 4th August, 7pm free tickets

so hopefully one of those will suit you!