Andrew Lloyd-Jones

Andrew Lloyd-Jones was born in London, England and grew up in Anchorage, Alaska. He won the Fish Prize with his story ‘Feathers and Cigarettes’, and his writing has featured in the Tales of the Decongested anthologies, in the Canongate collection Original Sins and in the anthology Down the Angel. He is currently Short Fiction Editor for Litro Magazine, and co-founder of the monthly live fiction reading series Liars’ League. Andrew now lives and writes in New York, where he hosts Liars’ League NYC.

“Coveting” in Original Sins Canongate Press, 2001
“Lay-by” in The 2002 Bridport Prize Collection Sansom and Company, 2002
“Feathers and Cigarettes” in Feathers and Cigarettes and Other Stories Attic Press, 2003
“Why I Feel Sorry for the Chickens” in Tales of the DeCongested Apis Books, 2006
“Ghosts” in Down the Angel Press, 2006
“For Sale” in Tales of the DeCongested Volume 2 Apis Books, 2008
“Quail” In Fire & Knives, Vol. 1 Funistrada, 2010
“Naivety” In .Cent: The Sense of Wonder Issue One Hundred Percent Publishing, 2012
“ChronoCrisis 3000” Performed as before a live audience at the 2012 Wilderness Festival, UK
Canongate Prize, 2001 For “Coveting”,
Bridport Prize, 2002 For “Lay-by”,
Fish Prize, 2003 for “Feathers and Cigarettes”
Bridport Prize, 2006 (shortlist) For “Funny Time of Year”
Bridport Prize, 2011 (shortlist) For “Soft”

Andrew’s story ChronoCrisis 3000 is in Weird Lies he describes it as

Some things are more important than the End of the World.
 The future of the world depends on one man. Unfortunately, he’s kind of a loser.
 How are you meant to save the world when you can’t even get the girl?

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