Helen Morris

Helen Morris was one of five winners of the Solstice Shorts competition 2015. She lives and works in Essex.  She tries to fit in writing stories between doing the washing for three sons, swimming too much, eating delicious food and drinking good beer.

Helen has five stories in Five by Five

Helen’s story for Solstice Shorts is I Thought I had Time, for Liberty Tales, The Poppies, and for No Spider Harmed in the Making of this Book, With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

Preorder No Spider Harmed… – out 8th August 2020 for our eighth anniversary!

Watch Jonathan Rice read I Thought I had Time at Solstice Shorts

Watch Louisa Gummer read a section of The Poppies at the Liberty Tales 2015 event

Other publications:

LOL – Bridport Prize Anthology 2015
Simon Le Bon will save Us – Goose Anthology 2015 (which was also read at our Childhood Tales The Story Sessions for Brockley Max)

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