Commins Coch

Poet Osian Jones says

My poem Commins Coch* is about a small village on the A470 in the county of Powys in Wales. It is part of the Glantwymyn community. There a exists a distinctive Welsh phenomen/old wives’ tale that says if you drive through the village of Commins Coch, you won’t see a living soul. My poem discusses that old tale.

Ysbrydolwyd fy ngherdd Commins Coch* gan bentref
bach ar yr A470 yn sir Powys. Mae hen stori wrach yn Gymraeg sy’n honni nad ydi unrhyw un sy’n teithio trwy bentref Commins Coch yn gweld yr un enaid byw yn y pentref. Mae fy ngherdd yn trafod y ffenomen honno.

*In the book it is Comins Coch - we were misled by our proofer, it turns out there are two different places, we were right the first time, but only found out after going to print!