Emma Lee

We are publishing Emma’s poetry collection The Significance of a Dress in February 2020

We published Emma’s poem Voices after a Tsunami in The Other Side of Sleep.

Emma has a flash fiction in Story Cities.

For Time and Time, Solstice Shorts Festival 2019 Emmas poems will be performed at  Clydebank, Greenwich, Hastings, Holyhead (Casting a Daughter Adrift) ; and Greenwich, Lisbon (When you regret wishing for something thrilling) and published in the Time and Tide anthology.

Emma Lee was born in South Gloucestershire and now lives in Leicestershire. Her poems, short stories and articles have appeared in many anthologies and magazines in the UK and Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and USA,.

Emma’s most recent collection is “Ghosts in the Desert” (IDP, UK 2015).  She has performed her work at The Poetry Cafe in London, all three Leicestershire universities, at LCFC, the Jam Factory in Oxford, Hatherley Manor in Cheltenham, amongst other venues. She’s also read poems for BBC Radio and EAVA FM and joined panels organised by the University of Leicester’s Sociology, Communications and Media department to talk about artistic responses to the refugee crisis arising from her co-editing of “Over Land, Over Sea: poems for those seeking refuge” and curation of Journeys in Translation.

Her essay “Spoken Word as a way of Dismantling Barriers and Creating Space for Healing” was included in “Verbs that can Move Mountains” (Sabotage) and she presented a paper at the Jungle Factory Symposium organised by the Leicester Migration Network. Emma Lee’s poems have been translated into Chinese, Farsi, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Romanian.

Currently she is on the committee of Leicester Writers’ Club and the steering group for the Leicester Writers’ Showcase and has experience in organising poetry readings and live literature events. She has given workshops for Leicester Writers’ Club, Leicester Poetry Society and the Local Writers’ Fair. Emma Lee also reviews for five poetry magazines and blogs at http://emmalee1.wordpress.com.

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