Time and Tide: Lisbon

In its 6th Year, Solstice Shorts Festival was once again  held on 21st December. Our theme was Time and Tide and we performed new stories and poems (and music) in seven port towns in four countries.

Our Portugeuse event was in Oeiras.

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Readers: Olivia Dawson, Holly Blades, Marina Pacheco, Phil Town, Simon Whitfield

How do tides affect our lives? How has that changed through history?

Making a living on or by the sea – fishermen and pirates, wreckers and dockers – making a new life across the sea – escaping pograms and wars, and the endlessly travelling – to paddlers and wild swimmers.

Arrival by Valerie Bence
City of Water by JN Nucifera
Crossing the Black Water by Reshma Ruia
Delivery by Holly Blades
Fisherman’s Daughter by Claire Booker
Frocks of Passage by Mandy Macdonald
Half A Dozen Oranges by Mandy Macdonald
How Women Came to Tristan Da Cunha by Claire Booker
I Nearly Drownded, Daddy by Vivien Jones
Sea Lessons by Ness Owen
The Arctic Diaries: Lookout Men by Melissa Davies
When You Regret Wishing for Something Thrilling by Emma Lee

Ballast by Diana Powell
Casting the Stones by Cathy Lennon
Diaspora by Neil Lawrence
Granmama’s Paradise by Holland Magee
The Fisherman’s Wife by Linda McMullen
Man Overboard by Emily Bullock
Metharme by CB Droege
The Answer, My Friend… by Paul Foy
The Dowager Duchess of Berwick-upon-Tweed by Rob Walton
Turquoise by Sheila Lockhart