Laila Sumpton

Laila Sumpton is one of our 2021 Guest Editors, and, with Sandra A Agard, edited our anthology, Where We Find Ourselves (Oct 2021)

Laila is an Associate Writer at Spread the Word and runs poetry projects in hospitals, schools, parks, museums and libraries. She performs her work regularly and is working on her first collection, The Stampless, which we will be publishing in June 2022.

Her poem for Dusk, Starling Time was performed at Greenwich at Dusk on the 21st December 2017 and published in the Dusk anthology on 21st June 2018

Her poem Mad Dogs and Englishmen was be performed at Noon in Blackheath on the 21st December 2018 and published in the Noon anthology on 21st March 2019

Laila’s poem Cronos have been published in Tymes goe by Turnes and will be performed online for the Solstice Shorts Festival 2020 on 21st December at 8pm

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