Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans has had over a hundred stories published in anthologies, magazines and online. Prizes have been awarded by, amongst others: Words and Women, Winston Fletcher, Stratford Literary Festival, Glass Woman and Rubery. Other publishing outlets include: the Bridport Prize, Unthank Books, Bloomsbury and Best New Writing. She has also had work performed in London, Hong Kong and New York.

 Sarah’s story for Solstice Shorts2014 was Stone Baby, a relationship and a life are dissected through the eyes of a woman with a chisel, published in Solstice Shorts: Sixteen stories about Time

Watch Sarah Feathers read Stone Baby at Solstice Shorts 2014 on Youtube

Sarah’s story for Liberty Tales is Bothered.

Watch Carrie Cohen read a section of Bothered at Liberty Tales on YouTube

Sarah also features in the second Solstice Shorts Festival, Longest Night, and her story Life between Lives, will be joiined by her 2016 Shortest Day offering A Ten-Point Temporal Sample of a Hundred-Thousand Unanswerable Questions, in the Shortest Day, Longest Night.

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