Paula Read

Paula started out as journalist and continues to work as a free-lance writer/editor. She is fluent in French and trained as a teacher. Paula also supports young children in reading and writing in English.She lives in London, but has lived in France, French Canada and the USA.

Paula has previously been published in Sydenham  Sprouts, short story collection, 2010, in which she had two short stories and as a translator for  Images of New Brunswick –  1979, New Brunswick, Canada.

Paula’s stories for Stations, All Change at Canonbury and Carrot Cake, are set in Canonbury and Honor Oak Park and concern an unexpected love affair, and the finding of contentment.

Paula Read

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  20. Wonderful to hear Paula Read’s reading (or PJO Read as she was known in New Brunswick and at the Metal Bulletin). Great stuff. Good luck.

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