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London Lies Cover. Image copyright Karen KeoghLondon Lies

(September 2012)




Stations Cover. Image copyright Gail Brodholt  Stations

(November 2012)




loversliesFINALcover front onlyLovers’ Lies

(January 2013)




CPotts_MosaicofAir frontMosaic of Air

(September 2013)




Kevin Threlfall-Weird Lies cover designs 3 v3 front onlyWeird Lies

(September 2013)




Devilskeinfront final for bus cardDevilskein & Dearlove 

Alix Smith

(July 2014)



other side of sleep actual booksThe Other Side of Sleep

(September 2014)




Solstice shortsFRONT cover draft copySolstice Shorts: Sixteen Stories about Time

(January 2015)




dont touch garden FRONT cover final image copyThe Don’t Touch Garden

Kate Foley

(October 2015)



The Dowry Blade FRONT Cover final

The Dowry Blade

Cherry Potts

(February 2016)



O9781909208261 utcome – LGBT Portraits

Tom Dingley

(October 2016)



Cotton Augustus II.106Liberty Tales

(November 2016)





Shortest Day, Longest Night

(December 2016)




arachne-paper-for-feet-v5With Paper for Feet

Jennifer A McGowan

(February 2017)





Joy Howard

(February 2017)


Happy Ending Not Guaranteed holding coverHappy Ending Not Guaranteed

Liam Hogan

(April 2017)



The Old Woman From Friuli

Ghillian Potts

(June 2017)




Ghillian Potts


(June 2017)

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