Kevan Taplin

Kevan Taplin:

Failed scholar. Failed teacher. Failed poet.
Failed husband. Failed father.
Failed rugby player.
Failed acoustic guitarist.
Failed novelist.
Failed busker at Banksy’s Dismal World

Remaining ambition: To turn failure into an art form!

Having started this journey when Adrian Henri/Roger Mcgough allowed him to put a couple of their poems to music, Kevan Taplin has been on a crusade to bring poetry back to ’ordinary’ people as it can be perceived as being hi-jacked by the elite and academia. To this end he set up the Thuxton book and poetry pod in the hamlet where residents contribute the ‘poem of the month’.

Kevan provided a song for Solstice Shorts 2019, Time and Tide, and is back with another, Dancing with the Green Man for 2020, Tymes goe by Turnes. Kevan will join us on film as his internet connection can’t be trusted. We hope he’ll be able to introduce the video!

Dec21st 2020 8pm GMT tickets suggested donation £5