Dusk: Stories and Poems from Solstice Shorts Festival 2017

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Stories and poems performed at Solstice Shorts 2017 Dusk: A Wave of Words across the UK.

On 21st December 2017, the shortest day of the year, eighteen stories and twenty-eight poems celebrating DUSK were read live on twelve sites, from pubs to arts centres and libraries, by way of woodlands and hillsides, at DUSK: the 2017 Solstice Shorts Festival A wave of words across the UK.
Starting in Ellon in Aberdeenshire at 17:07, the festival raced over the country at the speed of dark, with overlapping events taking place in Inverness, Carlisle, Holyhead, Lancaster, Rossendale, Nottingham, Birmingham, Greenwich, Kelston, and Warkleigh, ending in Redruth in Cornwall as full dark fell at 18:20.

This is the perfect, atmospheric memento of one of the most imaginative, forward-thinking festivals in recent history: a nation’s length celebration of the dying of the light at the turning point of winter. Patrick Gale

Dusk lends itself to the anxiety that darkness brings, and there is a fair smattering of edge-of-horror, chills-down-the-spine and keeping-the-lights-on, but there is also humour and the in-between-ness of the cusp of day, when anything is possible.


David Hartley, Daylight Savings
David Mathews, Flick’ring Shadows
Rob Schofield, Four Beaches
Samuel Wright, Here
Rosalind Stopps, One Two Three, One Two Three
Penny Pepper, Wolf’s Head
Rob Walton, Words On Paper
Helen Slavin, At Sky’s Edge
Lucy Grace, Breadcrumbs
Jackie Taylor, Cape Cornwall
Sherry Morris, Granda’s Plan
Pippa Gladhill, In-Between Dog
Alex Reece Abbott, MacFarquhar’s Bed
Fiona Salter, On The Evening Train
Cath Bore, The Dusk Runner
Kirsty Fox, They Said There Were Pirates
Katerina Watson, Threshold
Math Jones, Yes, Twilight


Mandy Macdonald, Gloaming
Katie Evans, 16:30
Joy Howard, Factory
Jane Aldous, After The Sun, Before The Stars
Eileen Carney Hulme, Blue Hour
Alice Tarbuck, Decoration Of A Fermented Season
Gabrielle Choo, Sundown Breath
Kate Wise, Tempus Erat
Alannah Egan, I Am Dusk
Alison Lock, Crow Haibun
Aziz Dixon, Calligraphy Of Starlings
Ness Owen, Female Blackbird Sings
Jeremy Dixon, Driving To Blackpool To Visit My Sister
Lindsay Reid, Summer Evening
Sue Birchenough, Roost
Nigel Hutchinson, Sometimes A Black Cloud
Sue Johnson, The Shortest Day
John Bevan, Afterglow
John Richardson, All This
Kelly Davis, Calling Them In
Katy LeeRed Coat, Wolf, Etc
Laila Sumpton, Starling Time
Michelle Penn, End of Ramadan
Bridie Toft, Arrival
Nicholas McGaughey, Magic Hour
Lisa Kelly, Match Girl
Martyn Crucefix, Summers Ended In Sweetness,
Elizabeth Parker, Dhusarah
Carl Griffin, Sea Wedding