Kelly Davis

copyright Ian Francis

Kelly Davis was born in London. She studied English Literature at St Anne’s College, Oxford, and worked as an editor for Penguin Australia, Longman UK and BBC Books in the 1980s. Since 1989, she and her husband, Ian Francis, have lived in Maryport, on the West Cumbrian coast. Her poems have been commended in the Cannon Poets ‘Sonnet or Not’ Competition and the Fire River Poets Competition 2016. They have been published in Mslexia, Poetry Scotland and SpeakEasy magazine (Caldew Press), and anthologised in Poetry for Performance (The Playing Space), Write to Be Counted (The Book Mill), the Her Heart Poetry Annual 2017 ( and Diversifly (Fair Acre Press). She is a member of Wigton Writers and the Market Place Poets, and chairs sessions at the annual Words by the Water Festival in Keswick, Cumbria.

Kelly’s poem for Dusk, Calling Them In was performed at Carlisle, Nottingham and Warkleigh at Dusk on 21st December 2017, and published in the Dusk anthology

Kelly’s poem for Tymes Goe by Turnes will be performed on line on 21st December 2020, and published in the Tymes Goe By Turnes anthology.

Tymes goe by Turnes Anthology preorders available now The Solstice Shorts Festival, Tymes goe by Turnes is online this year, 21st December 2020 8pm GMT tickets suggested donation £5. Deals on book and ticket combinations available