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Foraging by Joy Howard
ISBN: 978-1-909208-39-1 £8.99
POETRY  February 2017

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Joy Howard has something to say in her poems about nature, and human nature, and about grief, and time, and memory.
Her combination of tender but acute observation and mordant wit is reminiscent of U.A. Fanthorpe.

These are strong, womanly poems, characterised by the uncluttered vision of a poet who tells her own truth, regardless of whether she is wryly considering the contents
of the myth-kitty or looking afresh at earlier anger and later loss. An engaging simplicity of language and expression gives the whole collection a powerful honesty.
You can rely on these poems; they will not let you down.
Ann Drysdale

Review by Sita Balani in Diva April 2017:

… cause for some serious celebration!

…Sparse poems conveying a single image intersperse with chattier pieces; encounters with strangers rub against  the intimacy of waking up with a lover. Foraging is brimming with knowledge – of nature, history, mythology, science – all conveyed with a lightness of touch. Look out for A Perfect Hexagon, a witty take on the engineering skills of bees.