Stuart Mckenzie

Stuart Mckenzie’s poems have appeared in various magazines including  AnOther Magazine, Plu Magazine, Envoi, Southbank Poetry, The Interpretors House,The Delinquent and Urthona. He is featured in  ‘Sounds of the Front Bell’ anthology by ‘The Group’ featuring poets from John Stammers writing group and was the featured poet in Magma 63 ‘The Conversation Issue’. He is one of three poets featured in the Laudanum Chapbook Anthology series Volume 1. As a visual artist he recently edited an  anthology of poems entitled  ‘An Account of Frederick McKenzie Playing Johnny Cash Covers at Strangeways Prison 1973’ which was published through TG in Nottingham.

Stuart’s Poem After Hours,will be performed at Noon at Carlisle on 21st December 2018 and published in the Noon anthology on 21st March 2019