Richard Smyth

Richard Smyth was born and raised in Wakefield, lived in Leeds for a few years and is now in Saltaire. He has been a freelance writer for about six years. He has published two non-fiction books: Bumfodder (Souvenir Press, 2012) and Bloody British History: Leeds (The History Press, 2013) and has had short fiction published in The Stinging Fly, The Fiction Desk, Cent, Vintage Script and a Spilling Ink anthology.

In Richard’s story for Lovers’ Lies, This Isn’t Heat, the air-con is broken, Mr. Aftad is cooking curry, and James Mercury, in search of a friend, makes the acquaintance of Mr. Aftad’s spice-wise daughter.

Richard’s story Heriot is in Weird Lies, and might be about time travel, but then again, it might not.

Richard’s Story for Liberty Tales is Witchburning

Richard Smyth

Richard Smyth

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