Get Involved in Solstice Shorts

We always need people to help with the running of Solstice Shorts.

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We are looking for volunteers on the day of the 21st of December to:

  • set up signage, banners and book/CD/information stall
  • take charge of the refreshments table and take donations for them
  • steward
  • sell books/CDs
  • look after performers
  • help the audience find us and help find an audience
  • clear up at the end of the day
  • take charge of videoing the entire event (we aim pay a small amount for this)
  • take pictures, tweet and Facebook throughout the event

We will pay travel expenses, and we will try to make it fun! And of course you are welcome to participate as an audience member at any point you aren’t actively engaged elsewhere.


We are going to need people to leaflet – in the run up locally and in particular at tourist and transport sites  (stations, etc …) on weekends for a couple of weeks beforehand. We hope these will be paid opportunities, on account of the fun factor being a bit limited!

Media Whizzes

Help us get the message out: talk, sign, sing, post, tweet … whatever it is you do, mention Solstice Shorts! @SolShorts #WordsFromTheBrink

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