Alison Craig

Alison is a dyed-in-the-wool, south east Londoner, never having lived more than a few hundred yards from a 176 bus stop. She has been a self-confessed compulsive writer since the age of 7.
Recently she has chanced her arm at Poetry, and so far seems to have gotten away with it, with various publications and appearances  under her belt, but she won’t be “giving up the day job”  just yet. The day job being working in Sound for the BBC, where she has come to specialise in creating sound effects for Radio Dramas.
Alison says she loves painting pictures in sound, unsurprisingly she performs some of her poetry to music, and sound tapes.
She is a member of several local singing groups and plays with the South East London Folk Orchestra.
As music is so important to her, lyric writing is something that she has always been keen to develop. So she is very pleased to have contributed her piece The Turning of the Year to the Shortest Day project for development into song.