Cover Art In All Its Glory

When you run a publishing house you obsess about getting your AI (Advanced Information) sheets out to the sales team (in our case Inpress books) and so on, and although you spend weeks sometimes perfecting a cover, you rarely show anyone the whole thing, because the trade only wants to know about the front.

I was at an event a while back and sat in on a talk about covers, very amusing it was too, talking about the current trends – headless women, especially in period costume, out-of-focus, slightly sinister men in black walking away into fog, that sort of thing. But one thing struck me, we were told firmly to share the WHOLE cover where we could. This makes sense for us, as we generally have wrap round images!

So, rather belatedly, here are the complete covers of all our books so far.

Devilskein full cover print

copyright Ed Boxall


Copyright Karen Keogh

mosaic of air full cover

Copyright Melina Traub

Arachne Press Solstice Shorts full COVER

copyright Cherry Potts

9781909208018-full cvr

Copyright Gail Brodholt

dont touch garden Full cover final PRINT FILE

copyright Cherry Potts

The Dowry Blade full Cover final

copyright Lucy Reynolds/Cherry Potts


Copyright Zoe Lee

Kevin Threlfall-Weird Lies cover design-artwork-v2

Copyright Kevin Threlfall





copyright Annie Rickard Straus