Nichol Wilmor

To everyone’s great relief, Nichol Wilmor did not follow in his parents’ footsteps and join the theatrical profession. Instead he became a random traveller, an unreliable teacher and an accidental publisher. He now lives in London where he writes – very slowly – under different names.

Nichol’s story for London Lies, Made for Each Other was first read at London Liars’ League in February 2010, as part of the Love & Marriage evening.

Nichol describes his story as

Marriage is a tricky business. Or can be, for a year or two, while you find out who it is you’ve married. Sex may sometimes smooth the path. Although sex can be tricky, too.

Nichol’s story for Lovers’ Lies, Alternative Navigations creates a conundrum about a journey, and his story An Account of Six Poisonings is in Weird Lies

wood green alternative navigations

Nichol Wilmor