Katy Darby

Katy Darby co-runs the award winning Live Literature event, Liars’ League (www.liarsleague.com) and teaches writing at City University, London. Her first novel, The Whores’ Asylum, was published by Penguin in February 2012. Her personal website is www.katydarby.com.Katy is the co-editor of London Lies, Lovers’ Lies, Weird Lies and We/She

Katy Darby copyright Jon Cartwright

We published a number of Katy’s stories in Five by Five, our female showcase to celebrate #WomenVote100


Katy has provided us with several other stories: Keep Calm and Carry On for London Lies The Horror, the Horror for  StationsCharacter Study and The Fool’s Tale for Liberty Tales,  Hunt and Pray and In the Blind for Shortest Day, Longest Night , Comeback Special for We/She and Canary Girl for An Outbreak of Peace. Katy regularly reads for us in her acting capacity, and runs workshops for other writers on performing their work.


Katy’s story for Stations, is set at Shoreditch High Street and features auteurs and BAFTA hopefuls … and sharks


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