Joan Taylor-Rowan

Joan Taylor-Rowan is a short story writer and novelist (The Birdskin Shoes), now living in Hastings, UK. Her work has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and has been selected for literary events in London, Brighton and New York. Her stories have appeared in a number of anthologies and have been finalists in a range of international competitions most recently The Cambridge International short story competition, 2017.  She gave up teaching Art and Textiles full-time in 2015 and now runs creative courses in both writing and textiles in London and Hastings. As well as running story events, she has performed sell-out shows of her own work.

We published Joan in our very first book: London Lies her story Renewal, was first read at London Liars’ League in March 2012, as part of the Hired & Fired evening.

Joan Taylor-Rowan Renewal clip

Joan’s Story for Stations, Birdland, is set in Anerley and features an awkward moment with a policeman, and a search for hedgehogs

Since then we’ve published a number of Joan’s stories in our #WomenVote100 anthology, Five by Five

Joan reading at the launch of Five by Five

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