David Mathews

David Mathews
David Mathews was one of the five winners of the Solstice Shorts Festival Short Story Competition. His story in Solstice Shorts: Sixteen Stories about Time is Wednesday Afternoon, an intensely funny and charming story in which the owner of a château with chambres d’hôte reveals the secrets of a weekly liaison.

watch Carrie Cohen read Wednesday Afternoon at Solstice Shorts 2014 on YouTube

and Abigail Moore reading Wednesday Afternoon in Bath

Since then, David has got involved a lot, with a story for Liberty Tales, Border Country about the thwarting of a bit of cattle rustling, and two stories in Shortest Day, Longest Night – one in each half: Shortest Day, In the Gloaming about living in the north when you are born in the south, among other things. Mouse, follows small lives in danger through a long night in a war torn country. Mouse was read at the Longest Night event and at The Story Sessions Asylum event.

Flickerin’ Shadows for DUSK which will be performed in Nottingham on 21st December 2017 as The life and work of (fictional) photographer Smith seen through seven photos he took at dusk.

Backwater for Story Cities finds water, and compassion, at the end of a side street.

David has 2 stories in No Spider Harmed in the Making of this Book

and a poem in A470, Poems for the Road/ Cerddi’r Ffordd

For 35 years David was a work psychologist. That gave him a license to mind other people’s business. He comes from Wales and lives in Bath and SW France. His collection of short stories was shortlisted for the Impress Prize, Brittle Star magazine published his story ‘Florence, who made mustard’. David has also had two stories, ‘Removed’ and ‘Call me Dolores’ in An Eclectic Mix – Volume One, ed Lindsay Fairgrieve, Audio Arcadia 2015 and 3 flash stories in Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine: ‘The Epic’, ‘Fabio on the Train from Colico’ and ‘What Kind of Tea Gran?’ (October 2015) His characters from Border Country, Buck, Rhys and Lewis, also feature in his 2016 charity publication, A Baker’s Dozen: Thirteen stories about scones.

Bu David Mathews yn gweithio am 35 mlynedd fel seicolegydd gwaith. Rhoddodd hynny drwydded iddo feindio busnas pobl eraill. Yn wreiddiol o Gymru mae bellach yn byw yng Nghaerfaddon a de-orllewin Ffrainc. David oedd un o bum enillydd y Solstice Shorts Festival Short Story Competition. 
Ers hynny, mae David wedi ymwneud llawer â’r wasg, gyda stori ar gyfer Liberty Tales, dwy stori yn Shortest Day, Longest Night, a bellach cerdd yn A470!

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