Cherry Potts

Cherry Potts is the Director of Arachne Press, for whom she is editor/co-editor of most of our anthologies, and runs the annual literature and music festival Solstice Shorts. She also commissions and sometimes designs our book covers.

covers designs

She is the winner of the Quill Prose Prize, and the author of two collections of short stories: Mosaic of Air, (republished by Arachne Press in 2013, and Tales Told Before Cockcrow (currently out of print); a photographic diary of a community opera The Blackheath Onegin, and a fantasy novel, The Dowry Blade (Arachne Press 2016).

Cherry has also had many stories and two poems in anthologies (including Arachne Press publications), magazines and online, including multiple stories performed at various of the Liars’ League franchises.

She is currently subbing two short story collections and two novellas to publishers while working very slowly on various projects: a science fiction novel, an urban fantasy about witches and genealogy, and a timeslip-young-adult novel. She has probably abandoned her historical novel, until she can spend a year in the Bibliotheque Nationale and various sites in the Languedoc ‘researching’.

Interview with Andrew Blackman about setting up Arachne Press

Cherry runs workshops for writers and until recently taught creative writing as a visiting lecturer at City University, London.

Cherry’s stories in Arachne anthologies are:

Story Cities Foundation Myth
We/She The Real McCoy

Liberty Tales: Knitting for Demons

Shortest Day, Longest Night: The Midwinter Wife
The Midwinter wife read at Solstice Shorts 2015: Longest Night
London Lies, Leaving
Cherry Potts Leaving clip
Stations, A Place of Departures set in Rotherhithe

Lovers’ Lies, Mirror

Cherry has two poems in Joy//Us: Poems of Queer Joy.

Cherry’s personal website can be found here

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