The Story Sessions

Story Sessions logo copyComing Up at THE BROCKLEY DELI


Wednesday 17/05/2017 Fantastic tales

Headlining Liam Hogan Happy Ending NOT Guaranteed

Math Jones The Knotsman sequence

Music from Annalie Wilson


Submissions for the next raft of Story Sessions is now open closing dates 2 weeks before each event apply on Submittable (we would really like STORIES for May, after March’s poetry binge)

The Story Sessions

It’s like a folk club, but with spoken word. Headlining authors and poets read to you, and you join in with

‘Flash from the floor’.

100 words of fiction or poetry, written specially, happening to fit the theme, or scribbled in the interval.

Testbed session:

just before the interval an opportunity to try out a brand new piece on an audience and maybe get some feedback.

Actor/Musician in residence, Annalie Wilson, will read for the shy or geographically distant and sing on theme songs.

Music, book sales, some silliness, lots of words.

If you want to get involved as a headliner or with a testbed reading get in touch with a proposal and either the piece you want to read or sample if you’ve not written it yet. If you have a book you want to promote that is on theme you are welcome – your work doesn’t have to be unpublished, but you have to be ok with us putting up a video extract on the website.
If you want to join in with Flash from the Floor, just turn up and make yourself known during the interval.

Video or audio recordings of previous sessions

Flash at First Story Sessions  Haunting Tales for Hallowe’en  Armistice Tales

Solstice Tales Family Tales  Queer Tales  Feminist Folk Tales 

TheTechnician’s Tales Youthful Tales  Beastly Tales Festival Tales Feast Tales

Asylum tales Childhood Tales Freedom Tales Winter Tales  Retelling Tales Headliner Retelling Tales (stories) Retelling Tales (Poems) Retelling Tales (more poems) Retelling tales (Flash from the Floor)

Want to get involved? We are looking for published authors with great stories or poems and really excellent performance skills to headline (reasonable expenses covered and a couple of free drinks), novice and emerging writers for the testbed, and all and sundry for the flash. Get in touch.apply on Submittable

Ideas for future themes? If you have written something you want to read that would be showcased in a particular theme let us know, we might build a whole show round you! apply on Submittable


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