Live video uploads

We are still testing live video uploading ahead of DUSK. We have a YouTube channel, but we can’t upload live to it unless we have 100 subscribers. So it would help if you could get on over to YouTube and subscribe – we can’t even test without this. You will find lots of lovely video up already to amuse you. We have another channel specifically for Solstice Shorts which we’ve never really used, but we might need both so if you could subscribe to that too that would be great!

We can do Facebook but can’t do anything with the video once it’s there. We’ll be trying that again TOMORROW at Shoreham WordFest where we are reading from Liberty Tales, and singing a few protest songs.

Dusk – creeping forward – with your help?

Hurrah! The Arts Council Funding Application is IN. I can get out of the house occasionally now, while we wait 6 weeks to see if they love our ideas as much as we do.

In the meantime, there are things you can do to help get the festival up and running, and some of them are just clicking  a button or two, and some of them are actively fun!

In the course of exploring YouTube live streaming I find that we can only live stream from mobiles using their app if we have 100 subscriptions to our channel. I think we have about 12 at the moment. So can I ask as many people as possible to head over to YouTube and subscribe! We have two channels, please subscribe to both, as I am not sure yet whether we will need them both in order to manage the multi event extravaganza that is DUSK…  You are in any case, running the risk of missing out on videos from events you can’t get to if you don’t.

(here’s an example)

If anyone works for the sort of company that sponsors events, can you have a think about whether they would like to be judiciously plugged in 12 sites across the UK and on-line all at the same time just before christmas? Especially if there is any tenuous or even concrete connection to time, dusk, or the solstice. And if you think they would, get in touch with details of the right person to approach. Seeking sponsorship is completely out of my comfort zone, so any support on this gratefully received.

If you are a WRITER OR A MUSICIAN and you haven’t submitted yet get a move on!

If you know a writer or musician who hasn’t submitted yet give them a nudge! Please share the link far and wide!

If you are a SINGER book to come on Val Regan’s singing workshop on 25th November – profits go towards Solstice Shorts.

The deadline is 5th November but we would appreciate it if you submitted sooner rather than later – we are long-listing as work comes in, and if your work is borderline and it gets in early we are actively offering editing advice to push it over the brink into a yes. If you leave it until the day of the deadline, we won’t be able to do that.

You can still support our crowd fund – we hit our target of £1000 but with the costs it will be considerably less than that and it will cost us every penny we can get to make this work. We have some gorgeous rewards put up by our generous authors, I can’t imagine why no one has snapped up that weekend in the highlands for example.

A weekend in Scotland!!!

Please share the Crowd fund far and wide!