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Join Cherry Potts, author and owner of Arachne Press to discover the power of live music ( provided by Jamie Doe and Jeremy Hopkin) to inspire plot, atmosphere and character development, writing alongside musicians, create your own work in response to the music.

Tuesday 12 November
North Chingford Library
The Green
London E4 7EN

FREE – book your place: www.writingwithyourears.eventbrite.co.ukwriting with your ears flyer

Feedback from previous workshops

‘Writing with your Ears’ workshop.

Very, very informative – the time passed so quickly. I never realised before how music could have such an impact on writing.

No writing experience necessary. Bring your laptop or pens and paper and prepare to have fun.

More information about the WoWF festival


Cherry Potts has been a published writer for over 20 years. She trained in Neurolinguistic programming because it had that word Linguistic in it, and found that many of the concepts and exercises it used suit writing extremely well. She has worked as a trainer, business mentor/advisor and coach, as well as  in senior management in IT (A different life) A year ago she set up Arachne Press to publish emerging writers alongside providing workshops for writers to hone their skills with language in original and exciting ways.


Old Vinyl Factory Walk and Write

OVFCP65I have a passion for Industrial Archaeology, fuelled by my love of photography. I have been known to trespass in derelict buildings in search of a good shot. (1978, O level photography exam, theme disintegration; me: Woolwich Maternity Hospital which had just been abandoned- yards and yards of doors stacked in an alleyway, broken frosted glass, I loved it – now an unattractive block of flats). I use my camera as a note-taker, as well as an art tool.


I discovered The Old Vinyl Factory in Hayes through MVMNT cafe in Greenwich, which is owned by the same development company, and after a site visit (with camera of course) and a huge amount of support from Site Manager Jacqui Tudor (networker extraordinaire), organised to run a workshop there, through Hillingdon ArtsWeek.


I wanted to pull in the history of the site (EMI HQ from 1900’s) but actually it was the space and its uses, and the contrast between the clean white spaces of the refurbished buildings and the distressed, broken windowed, rooflessness of the yet to  be refurbished that shaped the workshop.


We explored the site and the archive exhibition, and trod carefully around dead pigeons, discarded fire extinguishers and broken glass, writing as we went and paying particular attention to space and movement, to play around with kinesthetic language. We barely scraped the surface of the potential of the place.  if you get a chance to look around, take it!


If you would like to find out more about our writing workshops please take a look here, where you can also sign up to be alerted to workshops booked near you.  Or you can always ask us to book something specially, if you can provide participants!

© Cherry Potts/ Arachne Press 2013

Keats Festival: Cupcakes, Scents, Lovers and Weird Lies – the videos

The Keats Festival is going strong, and we are very proud at Arachne Press to be a part of the proceedings.

Saturday morning Cherry Potts ran a workshop on NLP for writers, using all the senses but in particular smell – partly because people rarely think about smells, and yet they have a powerful impact on us, often unconsciously; and partly because Keats trained as an apothecary and doctor, at a time when science was beginning to really supercede traditional medicine. We had fun poking about the garden, eating cupcakes (an unexpected bonus courtesy of Keats Festival – although of course we analysed carefully texture, and flavour as we ate, in suitably pseudoscientific mode) and identifying mystery compounds and liquids by scent alone.

In the afternoon we read from Lovers’ Lies, our book for romantic cynics, which we launched at Keats House back at the beginning of the year, and did our first preview read of Weird Lies, our fantasy/ sci-fi/ peculiar anthology which will be out in September.

The stories were chosen for links to Keats (loosely!!!): medicine/health in Mirror by Cherry Potts, nature in What does H2O feel like to the Tadpoles? by Tom McKay and Something Missing by Bobbie Darbyshire, and the interface between art and science in The Painter and the Physicist by Tania Hershman.

A big thank-you to the authors and to the actors who read on behalf of Cherry and Tom: Will Everett who has now read Mirror several times and is finding new subtle ways to explore the emotional undertow each time, and Kim Scopes who stepped in at the last minute, and found a truly tadpole-like voice for the tadpoles, earthy, eager and slightly speedy: in my mind this will be  the voice of tadpoles for ever more.

There will be further previews of Weird Lies on Sunday 9th June 6-9, at Misty Moon Gallery SE13. More information soon!

© Arachne Press 2013

Keats festival booking information


Keats Festival info is now up on their website.  

They are charging £10 for the writing workshop and £5 for the readings. You do need to book! Contact Keats House on 020 7332 3868, or email them at keatshouse@cityoflondon.gov.uk

Arachne Press at the Keats Festival Writing Workshop

Saturday 25th May 2013 10.30-1.30 £10
Keats House, Keats Grove, Hampstead NW3 2RR

Contact Keats House on 020 7332 3868, or email then at keatshouse@cityoflondon.gov.uk to book.


Scents and smells for character, atmosphere and inspiration

…what soft incense


Explore writing using all the senses, but particularly smell, with Cherry Potts, author of Mosaic of Air and Tales Told Before Cockcrow, editor of London Lies, Stations and Lovers’ Lies and owner of Arachne Press.

Bring a large notebook and lots of pens, and expect to write. Weather permitting a stroll about the garden may be included. If you have a scent that means a lot to you, (and it is portable) bring it with you!

Suitable for all levels of experience, and for fiction writers and poets.


Bookings being taken for writing workshop

Sussex Prairies…

A Garden Full of Metaphor is NEXT WEEK.

If you like the idea of writing in a garden of spectacular proportions and dazzling grace, then this weekend of workshops at Sussex Prairies is for you!

7th & 8th July 2012

Join author Cherry Potts (Mosaic of Air, Tales Told Before Cockcrow, The Blackheath Onegin) for a weekend of writing and inspiration for all the senses in the glorious surroundings of the gardens at Sussex Prairies, Morlands Farm, Wheatsheaf Road, Henfield, West Sussex  BN5 9AT

Why write in a garden?

A garden gives you the opportunity to make use of all your senses: you see the colours, you feel the textures, you hear the wind in the grasses, you smell the different perfumes; you taste the flavours in food cooked using the plants.

The programme:

Saturday              10-1 Sight Lines              Sunday                 10-1 Motion and Emotion

                                1-2 Lunch                                                         1-2 Lunch

                                2-5 Writing with your ears                          2-5 Sugar & Spice

 The Price:   £120

What’s included:

  • 4 workshops using NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) techniques to unleash your imagination and get you writing, which will explore language, character creation and plotting
  • unrestricted (exclusive in the mornings) access to the garden and farm
  • home cooked refreshments and lunch, using ingredients from the farm and garden

Sussex Prairies – the sound of wind in the grasses ….

Places to stay:

If you need somewhere to stay overnight, Sussex Prairies has a small B&B (fully booked that weekend, sorry!),  we can provide a list of other nearby B&Bs, or you can camp on site.  Ask for details.


Strictly limited to 15 people. Enquiries  0208 699 0206

Book  online