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Ellon, Aberdeenshire 17:07-17:54
Better Read Books, 18 Ythan Terrace Ellon, Aberdeenshire, AB41 9LJ
Online: https://www.facebook.com/intuitivemusicaberdeen/

Hosts: Euan Kelly and Bill Kelly
Performers: Haworth Hodgkinson and Catriona Yule
BSL Interpreter: Bruce Cameron

Alex Reece Abbott, MacFarquhar’s Bed
Patrick Gale, Sleep Tight

Intuitive Music Aberdeen: Intuitive music based upon the Winter Solstice mode from Haworth Hodgkinson’s Dundee Ambient

Mandy Macdonald, Gloaming
Joy Howard, Factory
Jane Aldous, After the Sun, Before the Stars
Eileen Carney Hulme, Blue Hour
Alice Tarbuck, Decoration of a Fermented Season
Alison Lock, Crow Haibun
Sue Johnson, The Shortest Day
Michelle Penn, End of Ramadan

Inverness 17:15-18:02
Eden Court, Bishops Road, Inverness, IV3 5SA
Online: https://www.facebook.com/groups/239056849510849/

Hosts: Phil Baarda and Sherry Morris
Performers: Amy Hasson and Alexander Donaldson

Jane Aldous, After the Sun, Before the Stars
Eileen Carney Hulme, Blue Hour
Alice Tarbuck, Decoration Of A Fermented Season

Pippa Gladhill, In-Between Dog
Sherry Morris, Granda’s Plan
Alex Reece Abbott, MacFarquhar’s Bed
Lucy Grace, Breadcrumbs

James Bryce, Dusk Song
Ed Bentley, Dusk In The Gers

Greenwich 17:16-17:57
West Greenwich Library, Greenwich High Road, SE10 8NN
Online: https://www.facebook.com/SolsticeShorts2014/

Host : Silas Hawkins
Performers: Math Jones, Grace Cookey-Gam
BSL interpreter: Rob Chalk

Kirsty Fox, They Said there were Pirates
Math Jones, Yes, Twilight

K Wise, Tempus Erat
John Richardson, all this
Laila Sumpton, Starling Time
Lisa Kelly, Match Girl
Martyn Crucefix, Summers Ended in Sweetness

3 Bucket Jones, Light Another Candle for You
Caroline Watsham, Sundown

Nottingham 17:17-17:59
Nottingham Writers’ Studio, 25 Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1FH
Online: https://www.facebook.com/NottmWritersStudio/

Performers: Susie Hennessy, Jay Bradley
BSL Interpreter: Elvire Roberts

Sue Birchenough, Roost
Kelly Davis, Calling Them In
Katy Lee, Red Coat, Wolf, etc
Stevie Krayer, Sleeping Out

David Mathews, Flick’ring Shadows
Penny Pepper, Wolf’s Head
Lucy Grace, Breadcrumbs
Kirsty Fox, They Said there were Pirates

Carlisle 17:18-18:02
Foxes Cafe Lounge, 18 Abbey Street, Carlisle Cumbria, CA3 8TX
Online: https://www.facebook.com/groups/851852114905954/

Host: Nell Dunn
Performers: Ben Brinicombe, Kelly Davis
BSL Interpreter: Karen Edmondson

Rob Walton, Words On Paper
Samuel Wright, Here

Lindsay Reid, Summer Evening
Kelly Davis, Calling Them In
Katie Evans, 16:30
Joy Howard, Factory

Nicola Reid, Witching Hour
John Chambers, Balcony

Rossendale, Lancashire 17:19-18:02
The Whitaker Museum & Arts Centre, Haslingden Road, Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 6RE
Online: https://www.facebook.com/whitakermuseum/

Host:  Carl Bell
Performers: Tony Curry, Carl Bell, Neil Bell
BSL Interpreter: Amanda Owen

Aziz Dixon, Calligraphy of Starlings
Alison Lock, Crow Haibun

Kirsty Fox, They Said there were Pirates
Lucy Grace, Breadcrumbs
Rosalind Stopps, One Two Three, One Two Three
Samuel Wright, Here

Sarah Grundy, Night & Day

Lancaster 17:20-18:03
The Print Room Café, The Storey, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster, LA1 1TH
Online: https://www.facebook.com/northwestliterarysalon/

Host: Yvonne Felton-Battle
Performers: Mary Hooton, Leo Atkin, Marian Cox
BSL Interpreter: Carol Kyle

Joy Howard, Factory
John Bevan, Afterglow

David Hartley, Daylight Savings
Rob Schofield, Four Beaches
Rosalind Stopps, One Two Three, One Two Three

Birmingham 17:21-18:03
The Goose, 561 Bristol Rd, Birmingham, B29 6AF
Online: https://www.facebook.com/unbrokencocoon/

Host: Adam Elmi
Performers: Sam Arrowsmith and James Bryhan
BSL Interpreter: Emma Dunleavey-Dale

Nigel Hutchinson, Some Times a Black Cloud
Sue Johnson, The Shortest Day

Sherry Morris, Granda’s Plan
Fiona Salter, On The Evening Train

Brandon Sheils, Dusk


Bristol 17:27-18:07
The Old Barn, Kelston Roundhill, near Bath, BA1 9AF
Online: https://www.facebook.com/thebarebonescollective/

Performers: Paul Deaton, Elizabeth Parker, Corinne Harragin
BSL Interpreter Paul Mancini

Paul Deaton, Brunel’s Bridge
Elizabeth Parker, Dhusarah

Helen Slavin, At Sky’s Edge
Sherry Morris, Granda’s Plan

Ichi, Magic Hour
Anna Kissell, Oh, The Dark!

Holyhead, 17:30-18:12
Ucheldre Centre, Holyhead, Ynys Mon, LL65 1TE
Online: https://www.facebook.com/ucheldre.holyhead/

Host: Ness Owen
Performers: Nicholas McGaughey, Karen Ankers, Trefor Stockwell
BSL Interpreter: ffranses Wharton-Faraut

Katerina Watson, Threshold
Cath Bore, The Dusk Runner

Jill Sharp, The Dogs of Delhi
Ness Owen, Female Blackbird Sings (in Welsh and English)
Jeremy Dixon, Driving to Blackpool to Visit My Sister
Nicholas McGaughey, Magic Hour
Stevie Krayer, Sleeping Out
Carl Griffin, Sea’s Wedding

Fiona & Gorwel Owen, Releasing Birds and Y Gwydd

Warkleigh 17:33-18:14
Courage Copse Creatives, Warkleigh, Umberleigh, North Devon, EX37 9DD
Online: https://www.facebook.com/Courage.Copse.Creatives/

Performers: Katy Lee and Lisa Schneidau
BSL Interpreter: David Wolfenden

Nigel Hutchinson, Some Times a Black Cloud
Kelly Davis, Calling Them In
Gabrielle Choo, Sundown Breath
Katy Lee, Red Coat, Wolf etc

Pippa Gladhill, In-Between Dog
Cath Bore, Dusk Runner
Katerina Watson, Threshold
Jackie Taylor, Cape Cornwall

Tom Norden Crepuscule
Sharon Lazibyrd After Dark There’s Sun and Time Has Its Own Song

Redruth 17:40-18:20
The Writers’ Block, The Merlin Building, Cornwall College,
Trevenson Road, Pool, Redruth, TR15 3RD
Online: https://www.facebook.com/TheStoryRepublic/

Performers: The Story Republicans
BSL Interpreter: Debbie Harvey

Alannah Egan, I Am Dusk
Roselle Angwin, The Standstill
Bridie Toft, Arrival

David Hartley, Daylight Savings
Patrick Gale, Sleep Tight

The Farewell Shanty, collected by Merv Vincent
Dusk is Dark, poem by Andrew Lanyon, set to music by Katie Kirk

Inverness Playwrights

Intuitive Music Aberdeen

Bare Bones Collective

ANNOUNCEMENT: all material for DUSK, Solstice Shorts Festival 2017

A complete list of the final choices for performance at DUSK, a wave of words across the UK, at 12 sites, at DUSK on 21st December 2017

Some pieces are being performed at more than one site.







David Hartley, Daylight Savings, Lancaster, Redruth
David Mathews, Flick’ring Shadows, Nottingham
Rob Schofield, Four Beaches, Lancaster
Samuel Wright, Here, Carlisle, Rossendale
Rosalind Stopps, One Two Three, One Two Three, Lancaster, Rossendale
Penny Pepper, Wolf’s Head, Nottingham
Rob Walton, Words On Paper, Carlisle
Helen Slavin, At Sky’s Edge, Bristol
Lucy Grace, Breadcrumbs, Inverness, Nottingham, Rossendale
Jackie Taylor, Cape Cornwall, Warkleigh
Sherry Morris, Granda’s Plan, Birmingham, Bristol, Inverness
Pippa Gladhill, In-Between Dog, Inverness, Warkleigh
Alex Reece Abbott, MacFarquhar’s Bed, Ellon, Inverness
Fiona Salter, On The Evening Train, Birmingham
Patrick Gale, Sleep Tight, Ellon, Redruth
Cath Bore, The Dusk Runner, Warkleigh, Ynys Mon
Kirsty Fox, They Said There Were Pirates, Greenwich, Nottingham, Rossendale
Katerina Watson, Threshold, Ynys Mon, Warkleigh
Math Jones, Yes, Twilight, Greenwich








Mandy Macdonald, Gloaming, Ellon
Jill Sharp, The Dogs Of Delhi, Ynys Mon
Katie Evans, 16:30, Carlisle
Joy Howard, Factory, Carlisle, Ellon, Lancaster
Jane Aldous, After The Sun, Before The Stars, Ellon, Inverness
Eileen Carney Hulme, Blue Hour, Ellon, Inverness
Alice Tarbuck, Decoration Of A Fermented Season, Ellon, Inverness
Gabrielle Choo, Sundown Breath, Warkleigh
K Wise, Tempus Erat, Greenwich
Alannah Egan, I Am Dusk, Redruth
Alison Lock, Crow Haibun, Carlisle, Ellon, Rossendale
Aziz Dixon, A Calligraphy Of Starlings, Carlisle, Rossendale
Ness Owen, Female Blackbird Sings, Ynys Mon
Jeremy Dixon, Driving To Blackpool To Visit My Sister, Ynys Mon
L. Reid, Summer Evening, Carlisle
Sue Birchenough, Roost, Nottingham
Nigel Hutchinson, Sometimes A Black Cloud, Birmingham, Warkleigh
Sue Johnson, The Shortest Day, Birmingham, Ellon
Paul Deaton, Brunel’s Bridge, Bristol
John Bevan, Afterglow, Lancaster
John Richardson, All This, Greenwich
Kelly Davis, Calling Them In, Carlisle, Nottingham, Warkleigh
Roselle Angwin, The Standstill, Redruth
Katy Lee, Red Coat, Wolf, Etc, Nottingham, Warkleigh
Laila Sumpton, Starling Time, Greenwich
Michelle Penn, End of Ramadan, Ellon
Bridie Toft, Arrival, Redruth
Nicholas McGaughey, Magic Hour, Ynys Mon
Stevie Krayer, Sleeping Out, Nottingham, Ynys Mon
Lisa Kelly, Match Girl, Greenwich
Martyn Crucefix, Summers Ended In Sweetness, Greenwich
Lizzie Parker, Dhusarah, Bristol
Carl Griffin, Sea Wedding, Ynys Mon








ICHI, Magic Hour, Bristol
Anna Kissell, Oh, The Dark!, Bristol
John Chambers, Balcony, Carlisle
Nicola Reed, Witching Hour, Carlisle
Intuitive Music Aberdeen Intuitive music based on the Winter Solstice mode from Haworth Hodgkinson’s Dundee Ambient, Ellon
Caroline Watsham, Sundown, Greenwich
3 Bucket Jones, Light Another Candle, Greenwich
Ed Bentley, Dusk In The Gers, Inverness
James Bryce, Dusk Song, Inverness
The Story Republicans, The Farewell Shanty, collected by Merv Vincent & Dusk is Dark, poem by Andrew Lanyon, set to music by Katie Kirk, Redruth
Sarah Grundy, Night & Day (3 Songs), Rossendale
Sharon Lazibyrd, Time Has Its Own Song & After Dark There’s Sun Warkleigh
Tom Norden, Crepscule, Warkleigh
Fiona & Gorwel Owen, Y Gwydd, Releasing Birds, Ynys Mon

* We haven’t quite finalised the music for Birmingham, and Nottingham and Lancaster decided not to have music as they were so excited by all those words.

We will be profiling all the writers over the coming days, just as soon as we’ve got up-to-date biographies and photos from everyone… Watch this space.

Yay! Dusk Crowd fund target hit in 2 days

Note to self: tell lots of people about a crowdfund before it goes live, because this is what happens when you do! £1063 in two days. About £150 of that will go on fees and fulfilling the rewards and postage, so we have around £900 to put into the match funding. Thank you to our fantastic backers and to all the people who volunteered their time and skills to create the rewards.

HOWEVER there are still 12 days before the Kickstarter project expires, so if you want to help get this project on the road, you can still contribute – and we would love you to, because if we don’t get the Arts Council funding, we’ll need every penny to manage a shoestring version where we pay only expenses and have to charge entry.

Of course if we do get the Arts Council funding, we will want to add an important aspect to the project, and pay the writers a ‘performance fee’, which might be a prize. We are still working out the logistics of it, but if we have enough money it is definitely an important part of what we do as a publisher trying to support writers, and an events organiser trying to promote writing. (We always pay royalties, but that is a] dependent on book sales and b] tiny when split between 20 plus contributors.)

If you are thinking about helping out I’m afraid you’ve already missed out on the original oil painting, the hand-made book workshop, the bespoke stories and the cake.

SO a refresh on what is available:

A weekend in Scotland!!!

Only one available/left

weekend in Scottish highlands
purple prose pouch
Signed copy of Outcome
Haiku Critique
Matchbook stories
In the Wild Wood (signed)
Running before the Wind
Ticket to Ride CD




Limited availability:
Signed books
allotment tea
Fiction critique






As many as you like

T-shirts, mugs, books, audiobook

Arachne5 mug




DUSK Crowd fund rewards especially for writers

Here’s another couple of offers for you. This one is for WRITERS

Head over to our crowd fund to support the Solstice Shorts Festival 2017 (Dusk) to get your hands on these offers from two of our very talented writers:

Pledge £20 or more for a Haiku critique

Arachne author Lee Nash is offering to critique up to 5 Haiku

Pledge £50 or more for a Fiction Critique from Katy Darby

Katy Darby is co-editor of our Three ‘Lies’ books and runs Live Lit event Liars’ League. She is also a novelist published by Penguin, writing teacher at City, former editor of Litro short story magazine and judge of this year’s Cambridge Short Story Prize.
She will give you a professional critique of your fiction at £50 for 5000 words – (Electronic delivery ONLY, please don’t send paper) so if you want her to critique something longer, pledge more times! OPTION: personal face-to-face critique (30 min) in London for an extra £25 as an add-on: you can pledge more than the £50 through the site, just let us know that’s what you want.


Crowd fund reward particularly for writers

This is a quirky one. Support our crowd fund to receive…


Poet and maker of hand-made books, Jeremy Dixon (Hazard Press) is making us a handmade 20 page (Incl cover) A5 notebook, into which many of our writers with be writing their top writing tip or exercise. As they are all round the world, these will be handwritten, scanned and then printed by Jeremy in his own inimitable fashion. This will be classy, useful and unique!

 There will only be 20. 2 have been bagsied already.

Never be intimidated by a blank page again – we’ll have scrawled on it already! £20

so something a bit like this…






starting out a bit like this…

#Arachne5 Thank you’s and Authors catch up London Lies

With the 5th Anniversary celebrations heading into view I was thinking about the thank you speech, and like the Oscars it is in danger of going on, and on. And on. So I thought I’d blog it instead, a section at a time. So I’ve been catching up with authors past and present in the course of the fifth anniversary planning to ask what they are up to now, (not that I don’t know in some cases)  because after all, without them there would BE no Arachne Press.

Several of them are reading at the party, come along and say hello, it’s free (but ticketed)

as they were…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As they are now…
Alan McCormick
Cherry Potts Running Arachne gets in the way of much writing, but I’ve managed to squeeze a story into most of the anthologies, and publish a collection and a novel, and had several stories published elsewhere.
recently performed a new play, Leaves at the Edinburgh Fringe
Emily Cleaver
Emily Pedder I recently set up an editorial consultancy, The Book Edit offering editorial advice and developmental edits to writers of fiction and non-fiction. 
Harry Whitehead
James Smyth
Jason Jackson
Joan Taylor-Rowan
Katy Darby
Laura Martz
Laura Williams
Liam Hogan My two stories published in London Lies in 2012 were my first to find their way into print, quite a lot has happened since! I’m now in over forty anthologies, ranging from Alice in Wonderland to Sci-Fi steampunk. Full list here  I even snuck a story into NewCon Press’s Best of British Science Fiction 2016, and, of course, this year Arachne published my collection of twisted fantasy, Happy Ending Not Guaranteed. Here’s to what the next five years may bring!
Martin Pengelly
Nichol Wilmor

#Arachne5 London Lies

As part of the run up to our 5th anniversary we will be highlighting our first five books (Available for £5 from the shop.)

Also available to bona fide libraries and book charities free please contact us to enquire.

Starting with London Lies

Our very first book! We thought we’d be able to get it out in time for the Olympics (this was 2012) and sell thousands to tourists eager for something with London in the title (how naive we were). We managed to get the book out in time for the Paralympics but couldn’t persuade the bookshop at Stratford to stock it. We did all right though.

We launched London Lies at the London Review bookshop with readings from Carrie Cohen, Bertie Carvel, Danielle Fenemore, Greg Page and Phil Mulryne, the start of an ongoing and fruitful relationship with Carrie and Greg in particular – they are reading for us at Shoreham Word Festival in October!

From the mean streets of Hackney to sleepy South London suburbs, from boho Bloomsbury to City wine bars, London Lies is a tour of the capital as you’ve never seen it before. What happens when a girl on her way to work is propositioned by a frog? When a man breaks into London Zoo to fight a hippo? When nuclear bombs fall on a future London, when the rats rise up to rule us or – most terrifying of all – when Scrabble goes bad?

Watch Cherry Potts and Emily Cleaver talking about the inspiration behind their stories in London Lies

Londonist review ‘…nearly had us snivelling on a commuter train.’ ‘…each has a distinctive voice and a point to make. Perfect for reading in bite-sized chunks on the way around town.’

Sabotage Review ‘…this is one of the most enjoyable story collections I’ve had the pleasure of reading in several years.’ ‘…the consistently high quality of London Lies makes it difficult to review. Every time I have sat down to start writing, I’ve wanted to highlight different stories.’

Moving from 1930s Camden to a Royal Wedding “riot”, via football fights, office steeplechases and awkward dates in art galleries, London Lies is a bizarre, funny, moving and sometimes unnerving glimpse into the secret life of the city we all love and know … or do we?

Here’s just a taste of a cornucopia of readings from the book, by authors and actors.

Joan Taylor-Rowan Renewal clip

There are many more. shove London Lies video into the search at the top of the page to find them!

COME TO THE PARTY! 8th September, we will be reading from London Lies

Get Writing! The Story Sessions Needs YOU!

The deadline for submissions to The Story Sessions  Winter Session (in winter, theme  Winter!) fast approaches. Send us your stories (2000 words or LESS) with a winter theme by 4th January – via SUBMITTABLE please. People who can read their work at the event on Wednesday 18th January at The Brockley Deli will be given priority, but we do have our resident actor, Annalie Wilson if we get something we can’t resist by someone who can’t make it. Poems also acceptable, but we prefer stories, given the name.

julian in ruff

Need inspiration? There’s an event coming up that could help.

The Solstice Shorts Festival Write Through the Night event in Greenwich on 21st December 10pm – midnight… write in darkness… or as dark as it gets in London.

last minute type? If you miss the deadline you can still come along on the night and pen 100 words (no more!) on theme on the bus on the way there, or in the interval for the Flash from the Floor session.


Coming up: Workshops for Writers

Join us in South London in September for workshops for writers that aren’t about writing! (All workshops are being run only once, £12)

What’s on offer:


Performance for Writers – reading your work aloud is a near inevitable part of success. learn how to do it with conviction and have fun in the process. Lead by Katy Darby. Wednesday 7th September 2-4pm at The Albany, Deptford SE8. (max 20 places)



yen ooiMarketing for writers (basic) – Not sure if you need a website or social media presence? Are you spending your time effectively online? Learn what your online priorities should be and how you can leverage your online presence to build on your writer profile. Lead by Yen Ooi
Saturday 24th September 11-1 pm at The Albany, Deptford SE8. (max 10 places)

Marketing for writers (Advanced) – Are you effectively leveraging your online presence to improve your writer profile? Do you know what your brand values are, what messages your want to promote, and the new audiences you want to reach? Lead by Yen Ooi.
Saturday 24th September 2-4pm at The Albany, Deptford SE8. (max 10 places)

46 Rosie WilbyManaging Media for Writers Once you get published, your publisher is going to want you to talk to the media if they have the slightest intention of selling your book (we do anyway!). This can be quite intimidating, and it’s easy to get cross with silly questions. Comedian and broadcaster Rosie Wilby will help you sort out what you want to say and how to handle tricky questions, and where to look if a camera is involved.
Friday 23rd September 2-4pm Canada Water Culture Space, SE16. (max 20 places)



Solstice Shorts Shortlisted authors – some detail

We asked all the shortlisted authors to provide us with a short biography – here’s what they have to say for themselves:

Alex Bruty has always lived in Swansea and doubts she will ever escape. She consoles herself by living in her imagination where unspeakable things are prone to happening. She has a MLitt in Creative Writing and focuses on writing short stories and flash fiction. Stories tend to arrive whilst she’s walking Mr Blueberry the whippet and Coconuts the lurcher; they have started to badger her for their share of royalties. She is currently mentoring with the Womentoring project and plans to keep doing so until they discover she’s an impostor.
List of Publications (all short stories)
‘The Cold Fire’  In Creative Writing Journal ‘From Glasgow to Saturn’
‘The Box’ In an Ink Pantry anthology.
‘You Me and The Moon’ Extract in ‘Glitterwolf’ magazine.
‘You Me and The Moon’ Published in full in ‘Chase the Moon’ magazine.
‘The Elephant’ due out on ‘Ink Tears’ in December

Andrew Gepp is a writer; he lives in North London.

Angela Graham speaks Welsh with a strong Ulster accent. She is a tv producer and writer. She is an award-winning feature film producer and has just made her first radio documentary, about Welsh war memorials, for BBC Radio Wales. She loves writing short stories and last year received a bursary from Literature Wales towards a collection. She recently had the pleasure of sharing a gig as a poet with Jasmine Donahaye, Gillian Clarke and Christine De Luca and has just finished five years of teaching documentary-making at Cardiff University.  She is currently producing a tv series about the ancestral DNA of Wales.

Bartle Sawbridge was born in Bath, and has lived in SE London for 30 years. He has had short stories performed on BBC Radio 4 and published by Arachne Press.
He has completed one novel, ‘A Piece of String’, and has a sequel in progress.

Cindy George is a writer and teacher based in Coventry. She has done many jobs, from advertising copywriter to music journalist, to teacher of academic English for foreign students.  She now mainly writes fiction and poetry. She has an MA in Writing from Warwick University, and two unappreciative cats.

For 35 years David Mathews  was a work psychologist. That gave him a license to mind other people’s business. He comes from Wales and lives in Bath and SW France. Recently his collection of short stories was shortlisted for the Impress Prize, Brittle Star magazine published his story ‘Florence, who made mustard’, and Audio Arcadia are currently recording ‘Removed’ about a man who looks for stones.

David Turnbull is a member of Clockhouse London Writers. His recent short fiction has appeared in Best British Fantasy 2014 (Salt Publishing), Life is a Roller Coaster (Kind of Hurricane Press) and Horror Uncut (Gray Friar Press). His story ‘He Slashed Some Lines For Wiskers’ featured in the October Liars’ League ‘Slash & Burn’ themed event.

Dizz Tate is a recent graduate, with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Goldsmiths University. She writes poems, plays, and stories. She lives in London.  @dizzdizzdizz

Eamonn Griffin  sometimes writes short stories.
http://www.eamonngriffin.co.uk and @eamonngriffin

Emma Timpany was born and grew up in the far south of New Zealand. A pamphlet of her stories is forthcoming from Red Squirrel Press in April 2015 and a collection will be published by Cultured Llama Press in September 2015. Her most recent stories have appeared in Dream Catcher, The Interpreter’s House and takahē. She is one of the organisers of Falmouth-based live literature event, Telltales (www.telltales.org.uk).

Frances Gapper’s story collection Absent Kisses was published by Diva Books in 2002 and a flash fiction booklet The Tiny Key by Sylph Editions in 2009. Stories  have appeared in Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, a Penguin anthology edited by Ali Smith, Sarah Wood and Kasia Boddy, the London Magazine online, the Reader’s Digest, Ireland-based magazine The Moth and Plymouth University’s Short Fiction.

Helen Morris lives and works in Essex. Her distinguishing features are the amount of washing she does (3 sons) and the amount of time she spends swimming. she has just started writing after a life spent reading and drinking. This is the second story she has written.

Jayne Pickering enjoys creative writing, especially experimental pieces, and reading literature of all genres. She is naturally curious and her life has been spent predominantly in academia (firstly reading Philosophy and English Literature and then undertaking degrees in Psychology).

Jodie Ashdown is studying an MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University, focusing on science fiction, horror and post humanism through prose. She is an avid surfer, has backpacked all over the world and really enjoys a nice glass of red. She has just started to hold her own creative writing workshops in and around Cardiff, and has previously had a poem published in ‘Furies: An Anthology for Women Warriors’.

Lada Redley is an emerging writer living in London, she is doing MA English Language and Creative Writing at University of Westminster. Lada’s flash fiction piece ‘A Stranger with no Agenda’ has been recently published in  online magazine The Wells Street Journal. Lada loves travelling and enjoys her life in London.

Max Dunbar was born in London in 1981. He recently finished a full-length novel and his short fiction has appeared in various print and web journals. He also writes criticism for 3:AM and Butterflies and Wheels. He blogs at http://maxdunbar.wordpress.com/ and tweets at http://twitter.com/MaxDunbar1.

Paul B Cohen is a native of Manchester, He read English at the University of Leeds, took a Master of Arts in English at Vanderbilt University, and gained a Master of Professional Writing from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. His plays have been produced in LA, Miami, Orlando, and New York City. He is now focused on writing literary fiction. Recent short stories have appeared, or are forthcoming, in ‘Poetica Magazine’ and ‘Conclave: A Journal of Character’.  His tale ‘Lecha Dodi’ has just won the Moment-Karma Foundation Short Story Competition for 2014. http://www.paulbcohen.com

Pauline Walker was commissioned to write a short story by StrongBack Productions and a sonnet celebrating the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream’ speech for Tangle International’s tour of south west England.
Her short story ‘Always Smiling’ was read at Are You Sitting Comfortably by White Rabbit.  And she has had a poem published by Forward Poetry.
Pauline is currently writing a novel.

Peter Adkins is a writer based in Canterbury. His writing has previously been published in magazines, anthologies and journals – and on one occasion, on the inside of a bus. He is also the director of Bookmarks Festival in Northamptonshire.

Pippa Gladhill‘s work has been supported by Arts Council bursaries, her stories have won awards, been broadcast on Radio 4, Radio 3, and been read at spoken word events in Bristol and Bath. She have recently begun writing plays which have received script in hand performances at the Ustinov Studio, ( Theatre Royal, Bath) Rondo Theatre (Bath) and  Marlowe Studio (Canterbury).

Rebecca J Payne is a science fiction author from Cambridge. She has previously had work published in Interzone, Ethereal Tales, Dark Currents, Looking Landwards and Weird Lies.

Rhiannon Jones has loved stories for as long as she can remember and having worked in a Story Museum and as an oral storyteller, is now developing the courage to write herself.

Rory McCarthy is a recent university graduate and is, so far, completely unpublished. He is mainly influenced by modernist novels and poetry, and recent writers that hark back to them, such Teju Cole and Lydia Davis.

Rosalind Stopps has had several short stories published, and several performed at Liars’ League in London and New York.  She has recently completed a novel set in a shoe shop.

Sarah Evans has had dozens of stories published in magazines and anthologies. Highlights include: appearing in the 2008 Bridport anthology; having several stories published in the acclaimed Unthology series (Unthank Books); recently winning the inaugural Winston Fletcher Prize with her story ‘Acclimatising.’ She’s had work published by (amongst others) Bloomsbury, Writers’ Forum, Earlyworks Press and Rubery Press, and performed at live events in Faversham, Leicester, Hong Kong and New York.

Scott Lewis started to write fiction in 2012, having previously been a journalist in the UK and China. There he wrote his first book, a travel guide. He is currently working on his first novel and has had short stories published in several anthologies including Wizard Tower Press’s Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion. In his spare time he enjoys playing sport, gaming, hiking, fencing, and collecting both Lego and pith helmets.

Sheila Scott has recently returned to writing after thirty years varied employment as a chambermaid, barmaid, floor-cleaner, waitress, vet, bookseller and environmentalist.  However, she enjoys sitting with pen and paper turning idle thoughts into text and doodles most of all.  She was born and has lived in Glasgow most of her life with one happy decade in Yorkshire.  Her husband is first proof reader for all her work.

Tannith Perry is an American living in Bristol. She has lived in all kinds of places including West Africa, New York City and Sidmouth, England. She currently teaches ballroom dancing in order to earn enough money to enter competitions and buy books. Her short story All is Music was shortlisted in the Bristol Short Story Prize and published in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Vol. 7. She is working on her second novel.

Tim Bancroft began writing as soon as he could hold a pencil, creating fantastic worlds and stories that bemused his family. He has written numerous articles, shorts and a few books on SF, fantasy and historical gaming and is now writing fiction.

Wendy Gill lives in Hertfordshire. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Middlesex University. Her first short story Moving Mike was published in Stations by Arachne Press. Her story, The Deal, was selected for an inaugural anthology, Words and Women One, published by Unthank Books. She has written the libretto for a musical That Man which previewed this year and is working on a collection of stories, entitled The Female Condition.

William Davidson lives in York and works as an English tutor for deaf students. His stories have been published in Synaesthesia Magazine and The Puffin Review.