With Paper for Feet at Words and Ears

Jennifer A McGowan was one of the guest poets at Words & Ears in Bradford on Avon last week. here are the videos – this was the penultimate date in the With Paper for Feet tour, final outing is Cheltenham’s Buzzwords, on 30th April, I won’t be there to video so these are the final records of what has been a brilliant tour.

Another Witch

Bloody Corner

Lot’s Wife Considers Reincarnation

Cinderella’s Mother

A Sort of Love Story

Mr Fox

Mara Speaks

Something About Love

The Witch Box

Lillith Dreams Again of the End of the World

final With Paper for Feet dates

The final two dates for the With Paper for Feet tour are Thursday 30th March, at Words and Ears at the Swan in Bradford On Avon, and Sunday 30th April at Buzzwords at Exmouth Arms, Bath Road Cheltenham: two events run by others, in pubs!

Jennifer will be reading, and we’ll be along to support her in Bradford on Avon, but she’s on her own for Cheltenham. So if you are local to Bradford on Avon or Cheltenham, come along and say hello, and other supportive noises. Small entry charge and Open Mic at both events.