Lester Simpson Winter Folk Song Workshop for Solstice Shorts

You can now book for Lester Simpson’s Folk Song Workshop on 26th November – our Solstice ‘Advent’ event! 12.45-5.15 pm, £25lester1sml.
Come and learn around 5 acapella songs in 3 or 4 part harmony, from Lester Simpson an international recording artist, and member of the renowned Coope Boyes & Simpson, who also runs community choirs. Informal but intense, lots of tea and biscuits. Access to sound files after the event. St Hilda’s Church Hall, Courtrai Road, Crofton Park SE23 1NL

Advance booking essential!

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Book for Lester Simpson Folk Song workshop

A Winter’s Evening in Bekescsaba Solstice Shorts Video

One of the Judges’ five favourite stories, Pippa Gladhill‘s devastating tale of a moment that changes a life and all the lives surrounding it, and the impact of a photograph seen in a restaurant, read by the talented Sarah Feathers.

And a couple of songs from the festival that really chime with the themes and mood of the story:

Have You Ever Thought, from Shadrack Tye



Annie from Pepper & Shepherd


[A Winter’s Evening in Békéscsaba is a real photograph by Zoltán Berekméri. We did ask a museum that seems to have the copyright if we could display it on our website but they never came back to us. You can find it here.]

Usual Sign Interpreters’ modest denial of their skills. I am only putting this because they insist. It would all have been absolutely beautiful if they’d had a chance to rehearse with the performers. Planning a signed event yourself? Read and LEARN!