Armistice Tales

Jobno 1274745 Armistice talesA6To celebrate National Short Story Week we are hosting a free live literature event at London’s first co-operatively owned pub, The Ivy House. A beautiful traditional pub building.

As NSSW coincides with the week that Remembrance day falls, we will be reading stories of war, peace and remembering.

Join Liam Hogan, Cherry Potts, Emily Bullock, Nicolas Ridley (Who also writes as Nichol Wilmor)  and Joan Taylor-Rowan, for an interactive evening of  live literature – think folk club with books. The audience is invited to contribute 100 word on-theme flash fiction in the flash from the floor spot. Books sales in the interval – free ‘Books are my Bag‘ bags to haul away all your demob souvenirs (that’s books in case you are wondering).

Possibility of a ‘work in progress’ spot for a brave author who would like to try out a fresh piece of on-theme writing on an audience. if you are interested in this slot, or in being an invited author at this or a future event, get in touch.

This is the second of two booked events at the Ivy House, if it goes well, it could become a regular fixture. Come along and support the first community owned pub in London, and live literature!

Wednesday 13th November 7:30 for 8, gun carriages at 10.

The Ivy House
40 Stuart Road
SE15 3BE